The rise of Plastic Surgery

ASPSPlastic surgery is anticipated to rise in numbers over the next five years. North America and Europe are dominating the world market due to an increase in aesthetic needs to help the quickly aging population. Minimally visive and invasive surgeries are taking the lead to help enhance and slow the aging process.

Dr. Shienbaum of Brandon Plastic Surgery states, “procedures like the Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lifts have shown substantial growth over the years”. Whether it is from the increase of social media and cause of more self-image awareness or simply because we are able to further prevent aging with medical and technology advances; some are researching.

With social media, we have noticed many, even males are desiring to be more “appealing”. With the rise in Facebook and Instagram with many celebrities, people have the desire to acquire the same traits as their fellow fame and fortune they might be following. Plastic Surgery gives them that option. A quick plump of the lips or a little bit of a rounder buttock, Plastic Surgeons are here to help. “Social media is fueling our growth with aesthetic procedures!”, says double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shienbaum.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has recently released that invasive procedures related to the buttocks, are witnessing an all-time high of most requested procedures. With so many different surgeons able to perform this minimal surgery ASPS assures you do research on choosing the right plastic surgeon.

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