Tummy Tuck Incision Types

The size and type of incision is specific to each tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Marvin Shienbaum takes each patient’s aesthetic goals and preferences into account when suggesting the right type of surgery for them. During your initial consultation, be clear and honest about your expected results.

Shapes of incisions:


incision-curve    incision-curve-real

W Shaped

incision-w    incision-w-real


incision-mini    incision-w-real



Hiding Tummy Tuck and Abdominoplasty Incisions

Classic briefs conceal virtually all abdominoplasty incisions with a full cut, wide sides and complete rear coverage.

Hipsters will cover the majority of tummy tuck incisions with a low-riding waistband that literally “hugs the hips.”

Bikini cuts have narrow bands or strings that expose the hips. This is the most popular panty style worldwide and can be worn with low-rise abdominoplasty incisions.

French styles have high-rise thigh exposure with contoured derriere coverage. These require well placed and pre-measured tummy tuck incisions.

Brazilian styles have a low-slung front with high-cut thighs that  lengthen the torso. These require a special high curving “handlebar” tummy tuck incision.

Tangas resemble the French cut with upper derriere coverage. These need incisions that are predesigned to match the panty line.

Thongs that have high cut sides with a narrow triangular strip dividing the derriere require a curved incision that is premeasured to match the panty contour.

G strings & T-back thongs have virtually no derriere coverage and will leave most incisions visible.

Boy-leg styles provide full coverage extending down the thigh. These cover the vast majority of tummy tuck incisions.

One-piece swimsuit coverage is highly variable and depends on the style. These swimsuits can effectively conceal most abdominoplasty incisions.

Dr. Shienbaum also performs other plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction and breast lift in Tampa. Feel free to call Dr. Shienbaum’s office to find out which cosmetic procedure is right for you.