Plastic Surgeons voice in social media

SelfieSince recent rises over the years in the abundance of social media, self-image is more important than ever. Social media goers are asking Plastic Surgeons to have a voice- by educating them more on the education behind cosmetic procedures rather than celebrities and self-promotion. The hashtag #plasticsurgery has nearly 2,900 hits, only 6 percent from actual Plastic Surgeons.

With the number of “likes” preceding over self-worth more and more are looking to plastic surgery to enhance their social media appearance. Cosmetic procedures are on the rise and researchers are relating it to the relevance of social media. Whether it’s a lip injection for the perfect selfie pout or a hand lift for an engagement ring selfie, plastic surgeons are hitting all-time highs of increased cosmetic surgeries performed. Lip injections reached a high in 2015 when the prominent “duck lips selfie” was popular. Good news for those seeking Lip procedures is you can change the shape of your lips as subtly as you want.

As the consumer is seeking out information in their desired procedures they look to the online interphases. They expect to see their plastic surgeon actively involved in the online community. The younger generations are able to relate respectively to more of an online based advertisement before seeking a consultation. They want to see results before they go in for an initial consultation. As patients are searching online; if cosmetic surgeons have a limited online presence the public considers them outdated.

As research continues the public has a noted huge appetite for the truth of evidence based findings. They want to be able to relate to the named procedure. They want to know more facts, and be educated about if it is really the right procedure for them. They are interested in their patient safety and new research. It can be beneficial to a practice to see the surgeons focused on safety and quality throughout their whole procedure.