Breast Lift Surgery

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a type of cosmetic plastic surgery procedure which lifts and forms the breast to restore the natural breast shape. The drooping, downward-pointing nipple and the sagging breast skin are raised and repositioned to their former firm and upright position. A breast implant is often included if there is insufficient natural breast volume to provide a pleasing, full-breast shape. The deflated breast that is so commonly seen following nursing, pregnancy, dramatic weight change and aging can be restored to a more youthful, fuller appearance.

Breast Lift Patient Testimonial

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Hi I came to find Dr. Shienbaum
through a couple of my best friends
and they had great results with their procedures
So I came for my consultation
I felt very comfortable with Dr. Shienbaum
He has a wealth of experience and many years in practice
and I felt very confident in his abilities
and all my procedures went very very well
I healed quickly my results are great
I feel great about myself
I have more self esteem
and I just feel really good
about the whole thing
if I had to do anymore procedures
Dr. Shienbaum will be the only
plastic surgeon I would go to

I did a bilateral Mastopexy
I was a little worried at first
that it would take away
a lot of size and volume
and I also chose
when I had this done
not to go to a surgery center
to actually have it done in office
and I had a very good experience
with that

I think they look very nice actually
I think they look very natural
nobody knows that because
I did opted to go with something
that was normal
I’ve always had large breasts
since I was younger
they just look more similar to
when I was in my twenties
now like the teardrop shape
more natural, they’re just natural

I came to see him and
I got a breast lift
with implants the gel implants
and I also wanted the upper arm lift
Dr. Shienbaum was able to do both surgeries
in one procedure
I met him and saw what kind
of you know..
he was kind and he listened to
what my concerns were
and I felt after meeting him
I felt very confident in just going with



Types of Breast Lifts

There are three main types of breast lift, or mastopexy, techniques, all of which serve the same purpose — to shape and elevate the breast to a higher, firmer and more youthful appearance. The more that stretched breast skin sags and hangs, the more extensive the skin removal will be. If a dramatic change in breast size and shape is needed, a breast lift is combined with a breast reduction or breast augmentation procedure.


Purse-String Circumareolar Breast Lift

This type of breast lift is best used for smaller, slightly ptotic breasts with less sagging and less drooping of the nipple. Women who undergo this type of breast lift typically are satisfied with their cup size and breast firmness.

The nipples can be repositioned by removing partial or complete circles of skin to produce a natural-looking lift, with a small incision positioned along the dark nipple margin. At the same time, the areola or dark area surrounding the nipple is made smaller and repositioned higher.


Vertical Breast Lift

This type of breast lift is best for moderate breast ptosis and medium-sized breasts in which the skin has lost its elasticity, producing looseness of the breast.

The Vertical Breast Lift is used to limit the incision size while providing a more substantial lift. This type of breast lift is also commonly referred to as a “Lollipop  Lift.”


Anchor Breast Lift

For larger, more severely sagging breasts, the more extensive Anchor Breast Lift has been the classic technique.

Larger amounts of aging skin can be removed, and a more powerful and complete lifting of both the breast tissue and the nipple can be achieved.