We at Tampa Body Contouring appreciate the difficulty  of securing funding for your aesthetic surgery goals.

We  make  every  effort  to  assist you  and  offer the  following  options:

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Credit Cards


Serving Plastic surgeons and patients for over 13 years, AcQuired Loan Solutions is your one-stop shop for all things Cosmetic  Plastic  Surgery  finance related.

AcQuired Loan Solutions is neither affiliated with any particular credit issuer and does not favor any one issuer over another. Their  goal  is simply to find you the  very  best   credit offer  with  the  best rate  and  terms. . They  stay current with  bank  approval criteria, credit score requirements, interest rates and terms of companies in patient financing   They  will  provide insight into the payment plans  offered, give you the Pros & Cons of each, and start with the most lenient lender(s) of the day to afford you  the best chances of being approved.   They even help you combine loan offers from lenders, when the amount offered by one lender, is less than needed.

Loans  are  available  for  all  cosmetic  plastic  surgery  procedures  including   Liposuction , Tummy  Tucks, Breast  Enhancement    and Mommy  Makeovers.

Most importantly, to avoid unnecessary hits on your credit score, that lower your chances for being approved,  AcQuired Loan  Solutions    welcomes  the opportunity to discuss your credit profile before  you  actually  apply to a lender.   They can even explain how to enhance your credit eligibility  and  have  been  highly  successful   in obtaining  loans   for many  patients   ,  even  with  compromised   credit  histories.  A  full  range  of  low  interest payment  plans  are  available  so  you  can  find   the  best  one  for  you.

AcQuired   Loan  solutions   can  :

  • Assist  with  your  credit   application
  • Review  your  credit  score
  • Finds  the  best  lender  for  your  personal  credit  level
  • Evaluates    the  most  appropriate  financing  plan  for  your  needs
  • Negotiates  the  best  terms  and  rates   for  you

Tampa  Body   Contouring   offers   Care Credit  ,  the  credit  card   exclusively  designed  for  your  cosmetic  plastic  surgery  needs. There  are  multiple  payment  plans  with  no  prepayment  penalties    or  up  front  fees .. Care Credit  is a  quick  and  simple   way  to  get  your  plastic  surgery  procedure today  with  convenient  low monthly  payments. Approved and  endorsed   by    the  American  Society  of  Plastic  Surgeons it is   the  preeminent  cosmetic  surgery  financing in the   USA.

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