What is a Breast Reduction?

38 y/o East Tampa Breast Reduction for large pendulous breasts which interfered with daily activity.

Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that is most commonly performed to reduce the size of the female breast. It can be performed on only one breast to correct asymmetry and size disproportion, or bilaterally to alleviate the discomfort and pain of oversized, heavy breasts.

Patients requesting breast reduction surgery frequently complain of bra strap indentations, neck and shoulder tightness, back soreness, slumping posture, rashes of the breast fold, and numbness of the upper arms and shoulders.

It is not uncommon for clothing to fit improperly and for daily functions and routine activities to be compromised. The associated emotional stress and loss of self-esteem can lead to anxiety and depression.

29 y/o South Tampa Breast Reduction Mastopexy for asymmetry and ptosis.

Weight reduction can be beneficial to the obese woman whose breasts have a high percentage of fat. Dieting is not recommended for pure mammary gland hypertrophy (macromastia). Medical therapy for this form of breast hypertrophy is largely ineffective, and surgery is typically recommended.

Male breast reduction is typically performed for men who are self-conscious and embarrassed by their appearance. This condition, referred to as gynecomastia, is associated with hormonal changes, a variety of medications and certain medical conditions.

Breast Reduction Surgery Types

26 y/o New Tampa Breast Reduction for enlarged hypetrophic and ptotic breast using vertical mastopexy technique.

“Donut” breast reduction surgery utilizes a circumareolar incision along the edge of the areola (i.e., the darker skin around the nipple) to conceal the surgical incision line.

“Lollipop” or Circumvertical-incision breast reduction is suitable for those with small to moderate excess skin and fatty hypertrophy. The incision encircles the darkened nipple area and extends directly downward to the breast fold.

“Anchor” breast reduction surgery utilizes an anchor-shaped incision with both a vertical and horizontal component, and is required for large, pendulous and oversized breasts.

Liposuction is used for predominately fatty breasts with only a small amount of sag (ptosis), and good skin elasticity and recoil. This technique offers virtually no scarring and a quick recovery time.

35 y/o Brandon Breast Reduction for asymmetrcal breast enlargement and ptosis.

32 y/o Lakeland Breast Reduction for asymmetrical breast hypertrophy and divergent nipple projection.

34 y/o West Tampa Breast Reduction using vertical technque.

29 y/o Tampa Breast Reduction for enlarged hypertrphic breasts with severe assymetrical breast sag and nipple assymmetry.

24 y/o Tampa Bay Breast Reduction for breast hypertrophy and glandular assymmetry.

28 y/o South Tampa Breast Reduction with Anchor type Mastopexy technique.

44 y/o West Tampa Breast Reduction for severe ptosis asymmetry and breast deflation.

23 y/o East Tampa Breast Reduction for pendulous and sagging glandular type breast hypertrophy.

26 y/o North Tampa Breast Reduction Mastopexy procedure for symmetry and breast lift.

35 y/o Plant City Breast Reduction with uplift and reshaping of breasts.

44 y/o Tampa Breast Reduction with Breast Lift for tubular ptosis and nipple areola disproportion.