Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) in Tampa

24 y/o New Tampa Male Breast with significant skin recontouring and elimination of puffy nipples by Vaser Lipo.

Male breast reduction is the third most performed cosmetic surgery procedure on men after nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) and liposuction in Tampa. While most cases of adolescent gynecomastia typically disappear without treatment, adult male breasts that are excessively fatty, sagging, and cosmetically unacceptable may require plastic surgery.

Marvin Shienbaum, MD, exclusively uses the state-of-the-art VASER ultrasonic energy technique to achieve a “melting” of the breast fat with an enhanced shrinkage of the excess skin. A specially designed VASER cannula utilizes ultrasonic energy to pierce and flatten the breast glandular tissue and withdraw the offending fat. Nerves, blood vessels and other significant tissues are left relatively functional and intact. Surgical excision and unsightly scars can be avoided.

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Dr. Shienbaum performs gynecomastia treatment, also known as male breast reduction, for patients throughout Tampa, FL.


What is Gynecomastia?

51 y/o South Tampa Male Gynecomastia treated with Vaser Lipo.

Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement is sometimes referred to as “man boobs” or “man breasts” and is often misspelled ginecomastia. This excess in male breast tissue can result from puberty, obesity, hormonal changes, and a variety of medications and drugs. Puffy nipples often occur with this condition and are a source of social embarrassment. Most men affected are very reluctant or unwilling to expose their chests in public.

Male Breast Reduction Techniques

1. VASER Liposuction

The ultrasonic energy of the VASER system can often disrupt the glandular tissue enough to allow adequate flattening and skin contraction to achieve a satisfactory result without the need for surgical gland resection. This is Dr. Shienbaum’s preferred method as it avoids the often unsightly scars, numbness, and indentations associated with surgical gland excision. The VASER system offers a significant advantage in its enhanced ability to shrink the protruding and lax breast tissues.

34 y/o West Tampa Male Breast Lipo with ultrasonic Vaser technique.

Male breast reduction is most suitable in healthy, well-motivated men who still retain firm, elastic tissues. This enables the excess breast skin to re-drape to the underlying chest musculature. Many patients who are obese, elderly, or who have undergone massive weight loss have lost these elastic qualities to their breast tissues. It is in these situations that VASER ultrasonic treatment is essential in attempting to reshape the breast to its natural contours.

Dr. Shienbaum has been sculpting male breasts for many years in Tampa. In his hands, the VASER procedure has been the single most important advancement in the treatment of gynecomastia. He utilizes the precision technology to more than simply de-bulk and flatten the chest’s surface. The breast area can now be sculpted to highlight the underlying muscle contours and anatomy. The ability to accentuate a patient’s natural chest structure has optimized Dr. Shienbaum’s male breast reduction results.

2. Surgical Gland Resection

28 y/o Tampa Male Gynecomastia and abdominal roll after circumferentuial Vaser Lipo.

Dense glandular tissue can be very fibrous and adherent to the underside of the nipple and areola. Direct surgical exposure is traditionally performed via a small elliptical incision along the lower edge of the darkened areola tissue. Cutting into the gland carries risk of numbness, scarring, and collapse of the nipple areola complex. Dr. Shienbaum takes a unique segmental approach where thin strips of glandular tissue are sequentially removed through a tiny areola incision.

3. Excess Skin Resection

If the breast skin is excessively sagging and protrudes below the breast fold, the drooping excess skin may need to be removed and the breast tightened. This is especially true if the skin has thinned out due to old age or has lost its normal elasticity. A male breast mastopexy or skin tighteneing procedure involes additional incisions of the breast skin.

Gynecomastia Types

32 y/o North Tampa Male Breast with Vaser Lipo Suction of flanks and waist.

The male breast is composed of skin, fat and glandular tissues. Gynecomastia is often classified as either predominatly fatty or glandular. In reality, most presentations of gynecomatia are combinations of the two components with varying amounts of glands and fat tissue. A benign proliferation of male breast glandular tissue is typically caused by an increase in estrogen activity, a decrease in testosterone production, or the effects of drugs, supplements or certain diseases. The fatty portions of the male breast can be effectivly reduced by liposuction while the glandular portions require disruption by ultrasonic VASER energy or removal by direct surgical excision.

1. Glandular Gynecomastia

Predominatly glandular male breasts are typically found in body builders. Anabolic steroids may be broken down into feminizing estrogen like compounds while androgenic supplements can suppress the body’s natural production of testosterone.

The body will convert any excess supplemental testosterone into feminizing and breast stimulating estrogen. Mammary tissue growth occurs whenever there is an abnormal proportion of breast stimulating estrogens to androgens.

29 y/o East Tampa Gynecomastia after Vaser Lipo fat removal procedure.

The enlarged pectoralis muscle hypertrophy can often mimic true gynecomastia. Frequently there is a small bud of glandular tissue palpable immediately beneath the nipple area.

2. Adolescent Gynecomastia – Pubertal Gynecomastia

Young males undergoing puberty may experience temporary enlargement of their breasts. Most pubertal male breast enlargements will typically resolve without intervention. It is uncommon for this form of gynecomastia to persist beyond 18 years age. Often these presentations are referred to as hereditary gynecomastia in Tampa patients.


3. Fatty Gynecomastia “Pseudo Gynecomastia”

22 y/o South Tampa male gynecomastia with asymmetrical sagging treated with Vaser Lipo Suction.

Fatty male breasts are most commonly seen with male obesity. Overweight males may have breasts largely composed of fatty adispose tissue. These men often have feminizing characteristics due to altered ratios of male to female hormones. Fatty gynecomastia is also thought to occur when there is an abnormal sensitvity to estrogen. It is sometimes referred to as Lipo Mastia or Pseudo Gynecomastia – fatty breasts without any proliferation of glandular tissues.

4. Adult Gynecomastia

Adult gynecomastia affects up to 60 percent of middle aged and elderly men. It is made up of an excess of both fatty and glandular components. Often the gland can be felt as a thickened and firm area just under the nipple areola complex.

21 y/o New Tampa Male Gynecomastia with breast ptosis treated with Vaser Lipo Suction.

Most cases of gynecomastia in adult men are caused by:

  • Drug Inducement… 15-30%
  • Prior Adolescent Gynecomastia… 30%
  • Hormonal Abnormalities… 5%
  • Undetermined Causes… 40%

The mechanism of adult gynecomastia represents an imbalance of the normal androgen estrogen levels combined with an ongoing decline in testosterone production.

Late onset male breast enlargement seldom resolves spontaneously, and often requires surgical intervention for complete resolution. Various anti-estrogen and synthetic testosterone replacement drugs only provide partial and transient reductions in breast size.

5. Male Breast Ptosis

23 y/o North Tampa Male Gynecomastia reduction with Vaser Ultrasonic Lipo.

Male breast ptosis is another term for drooping male breasts. Many patients with severe gynecomastia also suffer from this condition.

a. Weight Loss

Excessive sagging of the breast tissues and skin typically results from dramatic weight loss.

28 y/o west Tampa Male Gynecomastia with protuberant nipple and breast mound tissue Reduced with Vaser ultrasounic assisted Lipo Suction.

The breast skin has been stretched and distended by the weight of the excess fatty tissues. The normal skin elasticity has been lost. As a result, the skin is unable to recoil back to its former size. A downward projecting breast and nipple can complicate the result. This saggy breast appearance is cosmetically unacceptable to many men.

b. Anabolic Steroids

The longtime usage and cessation of anabolic steroids and body building regimens commonly results in a residual looseness of the breast area. Without the prior fullness of the underlying chest musculature, the breast appears empty and without shape or form.

c. Elderly

33 y/o East Tampa Gynecomastia with ptotic uneven male breast tissue reduced with Vaser ultrasonic Lipo suction.

Advancing age is accompanied by gradual and persistent loss of muscle mass. As the pectoral chest muscles whither and atrophy, the supporting breast ligaments anchoring the skin become flaccid and frail. This allows the breast tissues to hang loosely from the chest wall.

d. Puffy Nipples

Puffy protruding nipples can be composed of excess fat or glands. The tissues have herniated forward, producing a noticeable bulge on the breast surface. A firm glandular breast bud is often palpable within the prolapsed tissues.

Using advanced VASER ultrasonic techniques, Dr. Shienbaum can typically flatten the glandular protrusion as well as extract the surrounding fat without surgical excision. The technique is virtually scarless and is highly effective in shrinking the surrounding breast skin envelope. The need for an additional mastopexy procedure (skin excision and lift) is usually avoided.

e. Elongated Nipples

Excessive nipple protrusion can occur without underlying gynecomastia. During nipple reduction surgery, the nipple is set back to a normal height with a simple office procedure performed under local anesthetics.

Additional Male Breast Reduction Photos

37 y/o New Tampa Gynecomastia and abdominal adiposity treated with ultrasonic Lipo Suction.

41 y/o Tampa male with abdominal protuberance and chest wall adiposity treated with cicumferential Vaser ultrasonic Lipo suction of flanks, hip rolls and belly pouch.

36 y/o East Tampa male gynecomastia with abdominal roll corrected with Vaser ultrasonic Lipo.

29 y/o North Tampa male gynecomastia and abdominal pouch and hip rolls treated by Vaser Lipo.

24 y/o Lakeland male Gynecomastia with belly bulge treated with Ultrasonic Vaser Lipo.

40 y/o Brandon male chest and abdominal Lipo with removal of Love Handles.

33 y/o Lakeland Male Gynecomastia with excess belly fat removed with Vaser Ultasonic Lipo.

44 y/o Lakeland Gynecomastia with assymetrical breast mounds and altered nipple projection reduced by ultrasonic Vaser Lipo suction.

32 y/o Lakeland male Gynecomastia with excess belly fat removed with circumferential Vaser Lipo.

29 y/o Brandon Male Gynecomastia treated with ultrsonic Vaser Liposuction.

41 y/o Tampa male abdominal and chest wall adiposity treated with Vaser Liposuction.

28 y/o Clearwater Male Gynecomastia with nipple protrusion corrected with Vaser Lipo.

36 y/o New Tampa male Gynecomastia corrected with Vaser Ultasonic Lipo suction.

51 y/o South Tampa Male Gynecomatia and abdominal excess removed with Vaser ultasonic Liposuction.

54 y/o west Tampa Male breast reduction and abdominal torso Liposuction.

33 y/o East Tampa Gynecomastia and Belly excess treated with ultrasonic assisted Liposuction.

29 y/o Tampa male Gynecomastia with breast mound and nipple protrusion treated with Vaser ultrasonic assisted Lipo suction.

47 y/o Lakeland Gynecomastia and redundant Waist correction with Vaser Liposuction.