Natural Facial Filler: Is there such a thing?


Great news ladies and men! With our society focusing more and more on appearance they now have a natural way to ease your facial aging process!


Regardless of shape, weight, or body size, we ALL have fat cells. When many hear fat it is automatically the enemy, unless you are Dr. Shienbaum. Plastic Surgeons all over the globe are utilizing fat more and more throughout the body! Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shienbaum considers fat as his friend. “I see fat as my friend, it carries more than just volume, it carries your natural tissues, and stem cells.” Dr. Shienbaum of Brandon Plastic Surgery uses fat in almost every facial enhancement surgery. “Fat is gold to me, I am able to contour and shape with the most natural filler”, states Dr. Shienbaum. He uses it to elevate the caved, sunken appearance of the malar or cheek regions to give you “apple” cheek bones. It restores the fullness to your aging cheeks.


Placement is the key to receiving the best results. Depending on where the fat is placed has a huge deciding factor on how long it stays. Like any other type of graft, in order to be stable it requires a blood supply. The more something moves the more it dissipates and goes away. Therefore, Lips are possible to fat graft to but sometimes not recommended because our lips are the most animated part of our bodies. To achieve the best results, Dr. Sheinbaum recommends the fat to be inserted into the cheeks to re contour and lift the skin giving you a sleek jawline, and eliminating those annoying bags under your eyes.


On average, about 50% of fat grafted injected fat remains living and permanent in the facial region. With that Dr. Shienbaum often gets asked, “If only half of my fat is expected to remain, can we overfill and achieve a longer and better result.” He always answers no to this questions because the face naturally has very small compartments of fat in the face. You can only insert the fat into certain small areas. It’s always best to remain conservative, and achieve what looks good. Dr. Sheinbaum reassures his patients that a drop of fat is all that’s needed to correct even the droopiest of baggy under eyes. It is always best to assume that on average, yes 50% of fat remains, but in any given case all of the fat injected could live and remain permanent, so it’s better to stay conservative and not overfill.

While many still remain very negative about fat, everyone loves the idea of a younger appearance. Dr. Shienbaum always asks patients if they would like a younger appearance with any given liposuction procedure. He always fully discusses how he is going to remove the fat to where he might add it based on the patient’s desires.

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