Brachioplasty – What is it?

Arm liftA Brachioplasty is a medical term for removing the hanging or excess skin under your arms. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), 2015 statics, is showing more and more women are seeing plastic surgeons for a Brachioplasty. In the past two decades, the number of upper arm lifts has risen with nearly 26,000 being performed in just 2015.

Certain treatments for addressing underarm excess skin can range from a hidden incision in the arm pit, to minor liposuction to attempt to shrink the skin after the fat has been removed. Some surgeons prefer to do the procedure in a two to three step process depending on the severity or lack of hanging skin.

First the surgeon examines the skin and feels for any fat residing in the area. Some surgeons start with removing the fat by Liposuction with a very small incision. They often recommend the patient wait to see how much of the skin will shrink and retract to avoid any scarring. If the patient’s hanging skin is more severe the surgeon might recommend an axillary Brachioplasty where they Liposuction the fat and then pull the remaining skin into a tiny hidden scar in the armpit. If the hanging excess skin is of extreme severity the surgeon will pull the skin in a visible but small scar along the back of the arm where it lays against your body. The scar is semi hidden but can be seen when an arm is raised or moved in certain positions.

Liposuction is a great option for many, but they must be a candidate and have firm skin. If a patient has experienced massive weight loss most times they are a candidate for a full Brachioplasty.

To minimize scarring and scar appearance the surgeon focuses on a scar placement and where it would fit your body best given how your arms naturally rest on/ next to your body.

Keep in mind the type of weather conditions and clothes you wear. If you live in a hot climate like Florida, most people wear tanks tops all season long. Would this affect your self-image by having a scar on or under your arms?

Some pointers before your surgery or consultation is to work out your arms a little. Some women might notice a difference in their skin because the muscle is enlarging, while your surgeon then has some musculature to outline when he liposuctions. Sometimes just working out may help your hanging skin if it’s minor.