Plastic Surgery with Dr. Marvin Shienbaum


Welcome to the Tampa body lift and contouring website of Dr. Marvin Shienbaum. For more than 30 years, Dr. Shienbaum has maintained a well-known and highly regarded plastic surgery practice, committed to achieving innovative and natural results on a consistent basis. As one of the most trusted and experienced plastic surgeons in the Tampa area, Dr. Shienbaum has been recognized for his compassionate and personalized patient care. Over the years, he has developed a wide range of surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures while paying special attention to detail and keeping in mind the safety of his patients.

Dr. Shienbaum understands that the decision to undergo elective plastic surgery is not made lightly, and that finding the right surgeon can be extremely difficult. Throughout his professional career, he has strived to address each patient’s unique concerns and desires on an individual basis. He is committed to ensuring that his patients are well informed about their plastic surgery treatment options. In addition, he meticulously plans each patient’s chosen surgical procedure so he delivers outstanding aesthetic results.

Video: Tampa Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marvin Shienbaum

Get to know Dr. Marvin Shienbaum, a board certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, offering the latest body contouring procedures.

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I am completely pleased and definitely
I would recommend Doctor Shienbaum
he’s one of the best doctors I have met
and I’ve been to a couple doctors before
but no one had made me feel comfortable
and I believe that’s
one of the most important things
to find in a doctor
that you feel confident and happy
that your going to have best results with that doctor

I recently had a procedure done with Doctor Shienbaum
and I could not recommend him or his staff highly enough
I was confident that I was in good hands
the whole time
I’m super pleased with my results
and the whole process was comfortable
and I was very well taken care of

so I was referred to Doctor Shienbaum
through a friend
and I heard great things about him
I felt very comfortable when i came here
you know he’s very soft spoken
he’ll listen to what you want

and the staff is great as well
so every time I come back I feel very comfortable
never have had a problem making an appointment
anytime I want to stop in
just to do a check up
they’re more then happy to work with me
and see me

I just love Doctor Shienbaum
he is a personal and professional associate
and I just love his professional demeanor
and bed side manner and his staff
is just fabulous

I just want to recommend him to everybody
like he did such an amazing job
I am so happy

Doctor Shienbaum was the most confident
I could definitely tell he knew what he was talking about
and his before and photos were the best looking
and once I met with him his professionalism
was outstanding

Doctor Shienbaum is excellent
one thing I love about him is that
he is very personal with you
he sits and he listens
to what you would like to have done
and then he give you
his opinion on it
I would refer anyone to Doctor Shienbaum
so if your looking to do anything
to enhance yourself
I refer you to Doctor Shienbaum


Dr.  Shienbaum has been named a Top Doctor” by his peers and has been recognized as one of U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Doctors.” Also, Dr. Shienbaum has been voted the “Best Plastic Surgeon of Brandon” in the Tampa Tribune’s Brandon News readers’ poll. He has also been voted the “Best Cosmetic Surgeon of Plant City” in the Plant  City Courier’s readers’ poll. The Florida Medical Association has certified that Dr. Shienbaum is a “Distinguished Physician.Allergan bestowed “Gold Partner” status upon the esteemed plastic surgeon. These plastic surgery awards are a testament of how well received Dr. Shienbaum is amongst his patient base and peers.

Dr. Shienbaum’s highest priority is to provide his plastic surgery Tampa patients with the confidence and trust needed to achieve their aesthetic goals and aspirations. Dr. Shienbaum wants patients to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Dr. Shienbaum is a plastic surgeon who offers a wide range of procedures, including breast lift, tummy tuck surgery, liposuction and surgical mommy makeover in Tampa. Please contact Dr. Shienbaum’s office today at 813-681-5709 to schedule your initial consultation.