Deciding on a Breast Augmentation?




Size matters…

Double Board Certified St. Pete Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shienbaum says one of the most common reasons women have a breast revision surgery is to change size. He offers his advice by spending your time and selecting the right size the first time around can save you revision surgery costs and avoid recovery time. Dr. Shienbaum explains, “We have to pick an implant that fits their breast.” Dr. Shienbaum has performed thousands of Breast surgeries throughout the Clearwater area and with through implant size selection makes the difference between an okay breast augmentation and a great breast augmentation.

Double check…

Upon a Breast Consultation with Dr. Shienbaum the first step is measuring the patient’s chest. Determining their chest measurements establish what diameter and type of implant would give the patient the most desired results they are seeking.  When he measures your breast, he is including the base width of the breast and the nipple to fold distance. Based upon the dimensions he is able to give his patients an idea of what size implants he would recommend for their body. Upon selection of an implant size, he looks at the bony or skeletal structure of his patient to determine if is a proportionate size. He explains that as the patient may gain or loss weight, their bony structure will always remain the same.

Bra sizers…

Have you ever stuffed your bra? Tissue paper was a little girl’s best friend back in her younger years! Every girl wonders what will I look like with bigger boobs. No worries, Dr. Shienbaum offers real life implant sizers for a realistic experience of weight, projection, and appearance for women seeking Breast Augmentation. When you try on your implant sizers, he encourages you to bring some of your favorite shirts to visualize your expected outcome. While trying the implant sizers on, if you are athletic, take note of the new weight added to your body. Are you ok with the way they accent your physique and are they proportionate for you? These are some things Dr. Shienbaum reassures you and ensures will help you choose the right size. He prefers you to try the sizers and see for yourself versus a 3-D virtual experience that some other Tampa surgeons prefer. Although of course the decision is ultimately up to you, he is there to give you his honest opinion in helping you choose the right size!

If you’re in search in the Tampa area for a Breast Augmentation and would like to meet with Dr. Shienbaum of Brandon Plastic Surgery, give us a call at (813) 681-5709. Brandon Plastic Surgery offers free initial consultations!

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