Body Contouring Surgery: What’s Next after MAJOR Weight Loss

Surgery after Weight LossHave  you recently undergone major weight loss or weight loss surgery and looking to the next step; Plastic Surgery. A tummy tuck could be your answer to help tighten your loose skin.

Body contouring following major weight loss can help remove excess skin and remove fat which in return improves the underlying support tissue shape. Think of it as redoing the transmission in a car. You’re not replacing but improving.

Weight loss can have many benefits, but with any pro comes a con. While you are losing fat, and starting to feel better/healthier with any substantial amount of weight loss, skin lacks the elasticity to shrink to your new body size and shape. With that being said put you at your newest inquiry, surgery.

Body contouring procedures can include many different things, here is a list with explanations to help you decide if you are candidate following your recent weight loss journey.

Breast Enhancement by Lift: loss of fullness, sagging breast

Facelift: sagging jowls, neck, wrinkling skin around face

Tummy Tuck: hanging skin over abdomen can be called the “apron”, loosen abdominal muscles from pregnancy

Arm Lift/ Bracheoplasty: hanging/ sagging skin under arms

Brazilian Butt Lift: loss of fullness in buttocks

Thigh Lift: excess skin hanging, requires very large scar that is not coverable with shorts or swimsuits

If you think you could be a candidate for one or more of the above listed procedures, you should prepare some questions for your plastic surgeon.

Your first question should always be, “Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?” By asking this question you are assuring they have had extra training in their specified field. What type of setting does the surgery take place in? If it’s an office-setting, is it accredited? Go over your health with your surgeon and any risk you might have with this surgery. Always ask questions, the more you ask the better you feel going into a surgery. Decide if this surgeon can give you the realistic outcome your desiring.

Dr. Marvin Shienbaum, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is recognized as one of the most sought after post weight loss plastic surgeons in Florida. If you are curious about how he could help you with this procedure or any plastic surgery procedure cal us today:  813-681-5709