Natural Facial Filler: Is there such a thing?


Great news ladies and men! With our society focusing more and more on appearance they now have a natural way to ease your facial aging process!


Regardless of shape, weight, or body size, we ALL have fat cells. When many hear fat it is automatically the enemy, unless you are Dr. Shienbaum. Plastic Surgeons all over the globe are utilizing fat more and more throughout the body! Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shienbaum considers fat as his friend. “I see fat as my friend, it carries more than just volume, it carries your natural tissues, and stem cells.” Dr. Shienbaum of Brandon Plastic Surgery uses fat in almost every facial enhancement surgery. “Fat is gold to me, I am able to contour and shape with the most natural filler”, states Dr. Shienbaum. He uses it to elevate the caved, sunken appearance of the malar or cheek regions to give you “apple” cheek bones. It restores the fullness to your aging cheeks.


Placement is the key to receiving the best results. Depending on where the fat is placed has a huge deciding factor on how long it stays. Like any other type of graft, in order to be stable it requires a blood supply. The more something moves the more it dissipates and goes away. Therefore, Lips are possible to fat graft to but sometimes not recommended because our lips are the most animated part of our bodies. To achieve the best results, Dr. Sheinbaum recommends the fat to be inserted into the cheeks to re contour and lift the skin giving you a sleek jawline, and eliminating those annoying bags under your eyes.


On average, about 50% of fat grafted injected fat remains living and permanent in the facial region. With that Dr. Shienbaum often gets asked, “If only half of my fat is expected to remain, can we overfill and achieve a longer and better result.” He always answers no to this questions because the face naturally has very small compartments of fat in the face. You can only insert the fat into certain small areas. It’s always best to remain conservative, and achieve what looks good. Dr. Sheinbaum reassures his patients that a drop of fat is all that’s needed to correct even the droopiest of baggy under eyes. It is always best to assume that on average, yes 50% of fat remains, but in any given case all of the fat injected could live and remain permanent, so it’s better to stay conservative and not overfill.

While many still remain very negative about fat, everyone loves the idea of a younger appearance. Dr. Shienbaum always asks patients if they would like a younger appearance with any given liposuction procedure. He always fully discusses how he is going to remove the fat to where he might add it based on the patient’s desires.

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Later Life Breast Enhancement Options


Weight gain or loss, breast feeding, pregnancy, genetics, and age can all affect a women’s body; especially their breast. It can sometimes cause breast to droop, sag, or loose volume. A women can feel depressed, unattractive, and older quite possibly even affect the clothes she might wear. Dr. Shienbaum of Brandon Plastic Surgery offers several different Breast procedures with minimal down time and exceptional results.

 Natural Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement

Not all women require implants to give them the desired look they would like, Dr. Shienbaum utilizes a state of the art technique called fat transfer. Patients have the option to use their own fat cells to give the desired extra breast volume instead of an implant. Fat transfer can be used to augment the breast by Liposuction of fat from a desired area Dr. Shienbaum and you decide on. Many patients report having “pre pregnancy” breast fullness. Although he cannot guarantee that outcome he can always try to help you achieve it.

 Breast Lift

Many women have drooping, saggy breast due to aging or life events (pregnancy, sports, unsupportive bras). Dr. Shienbaum will consult with you the benefit of having a Breast Lift or Mastopexy if your breast sag significantly. There are many different ways to perform a Breast Lift, with minimal scarring. When you consult with Dr. Shienbaum he will discuss the types of incision he would prefer to enhance your “deflated” appearance.

 Breast Lift with Implants

Patients often inquire about implants with a Breast Lift to give them extra volume. Dr. Shienbaum will go over every aspect of how he can meticulous give you your desired aesthetic look. Other questions patients have is “If I just get Breast Implants, it will fix my drooping and sagging breast”. As great as that may sound, it cannot be done with everyone. If you look at your nipples and they point down, if you were to place implants within the breast, your nipples would still point down, therefore requiring a simple Breast Lift to accompany the procedure.

Breast enhancements have always been a desired top procedure at Brandon Plastic Surgery. The pros to a Breast Lift is restoring your youthful and perky feel to your now aging breasts. With Fat Transfer/re-injection it is your own tissue, and if a lift is needed the scarring is very minimal.

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Year of the Rear


Brazilian Butt Lifts in St. Petersburg Florida are on the rise. Buttock enhancements by Dr. Shienbaum is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures! Just in 2015, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) whom Dr. Shienbaum is certified with, was an outstanding “rear”, with a tremendous incline in the demand for Buttock Augmentations.

Dr. Shienbaum utilizing a liposuction technique, collecting fat from your body through a tiny incision with a liposuction cannula, after processing and filtering, he re-injects it into your buttocks. He prefers the liposuction technique to contour and shape your buttock to give the desired look the patient requested. Statistics state a Buttock Augmentation by fat reinjection averaged at around 14,705 performed procedures in 2015, with a twenty-eight percent increase from 2014. Brandon Plastic Surgery agrees with American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) calling 2015 “Year of the Rear”. Stay tuned to see what 2016 brings to the St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas. Also to schedule your one on one consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marvin Shienbaum, call today: 813-681-5709

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Proactive Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Shienbuam the “Proactive Plastic Surgeon” encourages his patients in only the procedure that they are interested in, or may suggest one that may better their aesthetic desires. Are you interested in Plastic Surgery but afraid of the consultation? Some businesses are popular for “up-selling” whereas falsely anticipated Plastic Surgery plays no part in this. Dr. Shienbaum evaluates each of his patients while listening to their desired appearances and outlooks. Dr. Shienbaum and you decide together what surgery may best benefit you.

Read below to see what procedure Dr. Marvin Shienbaum might suggest for you-

Breast Augmentation: Flat too Full. Low too High.

Sometimes Dr. Shienbaum will recommend just Breast Implants to plump up and restore the lost volume in an empty breast. Dr. Shienbaum evaluates the nipple elevation to see if by placing implants in the breast it will give the patient a normal nipple placement. Some women have drooping breast tissue where the nipple points downward, if you were to place implants in them the nipples would still point downward, therefore that patient may require a breast lift.

Liposuction: Flab to Fab

Dr. Shienbaum would recommend Liposuction for anyone with a “problem area(s)”. Liposuction can be performed on stubborn fat in the hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks, and neck. Even men can and do have Liposuction! Liposuction eliminates the fat cells in the targeted area and kills them, giving you contoured definition. With your consultation with Dr. Shienbaum he will clarify what realistic expectations of this procedure may be for your body type, identify your expectations and discuss these with Dr. Shienbaum.

Tummy Tuck: Nip and Tuck

Some women after childbirth cannot get rid of their “pooch” or protruding belly. During pregnancy your abdominal muscles separate, Dr. Shienbaum goes in through a very small incision above the pubic line and cinches your muscles together giving you an “hourglass” shape. He combines Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck in one, giving you a new 360 silhouette.

Brazilian Butt Lift: Saggy too Plump

A Brazilian Butt Lift can transform your butt into a bubble like appearance with your own fat! Dr. Shienbaum utilizes the fat transfer technique by Liposuction. Fat is suctioned from your problem areas, is carefully processed, and then meticulously re-introduced into the buttocks. The fat volume gives your buttock more of a firm feel and visual lift. Dr. Shienbaum prefers the fat transfer technique because he is able to shape and mold the cheeks to the desired look.

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